Genetic Engineering

Recently there have been more news about advances in genetic engineering. Recently in the press more often hears about the U.S. company Knome. She became known for soim Engineering Genetic Engineering. Knome – company in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), which works with leading geneticists and pharmacists from Harvard and MIT, to allow people to obtain and understand their genetic information.

They – the first company to offer full information about genomes and analysis of this information for individuals. Services to provide personal information of the genome are still in the infancy stage, but the first people in stories that will have their complete genome is already known. Knome company placed its services in the form of an auction on ebay with a starting price of $ 67 000. Knome was founded in late 2007 a professor of medical school at Harvard, George Church, in order to propose a set of genetic services to wealthy clients. The initial price was $ 350,000, but it has dropped substantially over the past year. Knome company signed a contract to provide its services c Beijing Institute of Gene Biology. Such services will change modern medicine.

Genetic engineering will provide a wide range of opportunities for mankind. Parents planning to have children, will be able to save him from hereditary diseases, choose a hair color or eye and even to Born to assign specific character traits. Thanks to the virus particles – carriers of genetic information, it will be possible not only to improve the genome of its progeny, but also his own. What will make a great treat number of diseases including padagru, Marfan syndrome, and many other diseases. Is possible to improve certain characteristics of the human body. If you look at the future, genetic engineering can be instrument of human evolution. But before this will solve a great number of ethical issues.

Acupuncture Massager

More recently, to be precise April 5, 2009 in Novosibirsk, the presentation of an entirely new medical device – acupuncture massager "Akulayf." Developed this remarkable device company Tianshi (Tiens). Presentation is Mrs. Van Yuymey – international speaker company Tianshi (Tiens). Many have long known that acupuncture is used in China with a very long time. Massager "Akulayf" Company Tianshi (Tiens) is based on centuries-old traditions of ancient Chinese medicine with modern medical technology.

The instrument was developed by scientists of China about 20 years. The principle of the massager is based on the exposure of the body electromagnetic waves. Acupuncture points – it feeds the conductors, which are very good conductors of electricity. Each acupuncture point corresponds to an organ in our body, hence – by acting on acupuncture points of the body can treat various diseases as well as increase the effects and effectiveness of drugs. According to Ms. Van Yuymey – massager "Akulayf" restores the conductivity meridians (or as we call them here already channels) in the human body. The conductivity of the meridians is very important – if a person is very disturbed, it is difficult and increases the duration of treatment of diseases, because the nutrients and medicines will be more long-term ill and delivered to our troubled bodies.

And just this problem and decides to acupuncture massager "Akulayf" Company Tianshi (Tiens). Many of you know that similar devices on the market now are many, and therefore you will likely be interested to know: What is actually different "Akulayf" to market unique? And it is quite fair and reasonable question. This is what we now talk. The main difference massager "Akulayf" Tianshi (Tiens) from the existing market unique in that it is not only a function of treatment but also diagnoses the disease, and with very high accuracy – the probability correct diagnosis over 90%! Thus, one can even without the help of a doctor to diagnose your body! It also is important to note the fact that the unit is extremely compact – its size is commensurate with the size of a modern mobile phone! That means you can use it anywhere! But there's more dignity. The conductivity of such devices, which are now on the market is not very big, very strong reduces their efficiency and accuracy. The conductivity of the massager "Akulayf" Tiens Company (Tiens) – 21 meters!