Castilian Spanish

Why are we going to have to keep the language or the folklore of our ancestors and we will not be able to maintain the same religion or way of understanding the family or sexuality? So should we interpret that the defense that the most ancient bishops and Catholic associations are of traditional marriage, heterosexual and, if possible, indissoluble, is one of the most progressive initiatives of our current political life. Or is that the demand and use of traditions and communities are doing or Carod Ibarretxe is more progressive and liberating than Rouco and his band perform? Does a village is identified and made more of a language or a form of dance in a way to marry? Do we have to comply unless the religious tradition, or Castilian Spanish, Catalan or Basque, as you want-that culinary tradition, folk or linguistic? Should we further consideration to the customs of Muslim immigrants to the national Catholic? Everything but let each one do what he wants without hurting others, to marry whomever you want, live where you please or speak the language that interests you or you like. These go to both. Much nerve and a lot of double standards, that's what you get. To me they all reactionaries, the ones and the others, the heirs apocryphal leftist ideals and immobile as ever. Today only differ in the type of opium administered to people.

And they are charging into votes. In this country of rich and revolutionary new three forks, since we do not have serious problems, or do not want to see them, we have discovered a passion for metaphysics and a taste for conceptual speculation sterile. And it is now in the XXI century, that what concerns us and concerns us is to discover the essence of marriage or find out what the substance of a nation. Manda noses.

Public Consultation

My husband and I have a baby of five months and did not find time to devote to the couple. We are tired and distant. My husband works all day and when he gets home, he only wants to rest. I, for my part, pending the child alive and makes me difficult to deal with other things. I have fear that we get away without realizing it. Fabiana – Cordoba – Spain Dear Fabiana: You say you fear that you alejeis without noticing, so I think so percatais of what happens, and that is a great first step. We believe that what happens to you is understandable: the arrival of a child is a wonderful thing, but it also involves a change in day to day and the dinaimica partner.

Learning to combine the roles of husbands with parents is a difficult task that takes time and training. We suggest that you speak as openly as possible about what it happen to everyone. Surely you have to find ways of actively manufactures time and space to be together the two and not wait for these times appear on their own. As saying is: sometimes the urgent does not leave time for the important … A point to remember is to recognize that these encounters will be different from those you had before the birth of your son, since you you are not the same. Learning to descuibrirse each other in this new phase can be a challenge, and both a very exciting adventure.

Italian Pasta

Once the pasta is ready, drain and act followed (then understand the reason for this comment) is cast in the same pan of sauce. Mix well, sprinkle with a pinch of pepper and ready-to-serve! Buon appetito! Useful tricks (or how to not turn pasta into a mass of reinforced concrete): * use a pot with plenty of water and large: no to stay short of the water, if it is too not passes nothing, but if it is too small, the paste cakes and not just cook well. * Use coarse salt. With salt nor should we come up short, but yes it would be worse to happen, because then there is turning back measures they hold with the experience, but I generally for two people use a litre and a half or even two liters of water and a handful of salt. * As soon as the pasta is cast, then stir with a wooden spoon. Nothing to add oil or weird stuff so the dough does not stick.

If the pasta is of good quality and if occasionally stir not be PEGA! ** If the pasta is Italian, follow the instructions on the package to know how long to leave it in boiling water. Normally do not fail. * As soon as you finish the cooking time, drain the pasta and then season it with sauce. Horrified Italians know that there are people who drain the pasta and let it more than half a second in the colander for us is like a sacrilege. Moreover, it is very typical that call at home when out of work and say check out pasta, which I’ve already gone. I.e., pasta is to make it and eat it right away, not to leave it there waiting for hours. So when it breaks down and becomes an inedible mass well, at least for Italians of pro signed: Nosolopastaypizza original author and source of the article