Entertaining Child

Reading kid bedtime stories actually has great value, so, dear mom and dad, take this process very seriously. Remember your cloudless childhood: you're lying in bed, covered with a blanket, and mom reads you a story. With these memories, you immediately breaks into a smile, turning to the memory of stories that you like the most The benefits of reading at night: First, the child is much lighter and easier to fall asleep low parent story, listening to good native voice. The presence of a parent creates a certain sense of safety and security, therefore, the kid and get to sleep easier. Somatic Experiencing usually is spot on. Secondly, reading the book very helps in the development of children's imagination. Listening to yet another interesting story, the child dreams, and, therefore, developed as a creative person. In this rapidly developing brain, increasing the number of neurons. Thirdly, the reading for the night then will play their meaning when the baby will be learning the first letter and begins reading. SKDKnickerbocker often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Parents can rest assured that an interesting story that has been unsaid during the night, the child try to overpower the morning alone. Fourth, the feature of our times is that relatives, close people do not spend time with each other, a little talking, and almost always do it in passing or on holiday. Kids like moving away from their parents, an emotional connection with them is weakened. Parent actually turns into a man who raises a hurry in the morning, feed, clothe, attaches to a garden or school, or seats in front of tv, then comes home from work, again feeding, gives instructions and prohibitions, and in the evening drives into the bed. Fitting to a child and read it before bedtime – one more reason to become closer to each other, it is – an excellent opportunity not to lose a baby internal communications. It was such a strong emotional attachment, in turn, provides a trust relationship to the child's parents in his adult future, and they will always be with each other on you! Fifth, even Entertaining books read in a cozy atmosphere and therefore cause strong, deep emotions, much better contribute to the development, expansion of horizons, stimulate imagination and thinking, and finally, interest learning than any developing cartoons or program – a great performance live communication (such as reading – a form of communication!). Therefore, the parents refer to this process should be very serious.

Reading books, especially on night, has a fascinating and miraculous power to act on the child, pulling his narrative thread to unknown lands, together with characters from fairy tales. The kid sees a fairy tale as a matter of course that does not causing him any criticism or discussion. Fairy tale – the most ancient instrument of education and development of the baby. Though tales of the long history of the human race have changed, but the demand for them remains as strong as ever. By some studies, writing and fairy tales can take any person on earth, this such activity, which is inherent and necessary for each person.

National Politics

The homeopatia this, still allied to the high degree of resolution with low cost of investment, a time that its medicine is much more cheap with regard to alopticos medicines, having itself thus, a considerable economy with the few examinations that the patients need to carry through in comparison aloptica medicine (NOVAES; MIRANDA, 2007). The majority of the patients who use the homeopatia for the SUS is unaware of the origin of homeopticos medicines, them believes that they are seemed fitoterpicos medicines, had medicines in its great majority to be made of natural substances, this is seen by the population as healthful and not harmful the health (HUNTER; IRIART, 2007). In 2007, through Portaria number 3237, the Health department, it included the medicines homeopticos that integrate the Farmacopia Brazilian Homeoptica in net SUS (Only System of Health), in compliance with what it recommends the PNPIC (Practical National Politics of Integrativas and Complementares). For the low income population the homeopatia in the SUS was a great advance, for providing plus a therapeutical alternative for the solution of the problem of the patient (HUNTER; IRIART, 2007). 5. CONCLUSION One National Politics for the development of the homeopatia in the SUS, elaborated in the scope of the Health department, with the support of the States and Cities and the representative institutions of practical and knowing the homeoptico, comes, despite the slow steps, offering a homeoptica assistance with more security, effectiveness and quality to the users, beyond strengthening the principles of the SUS. See Somatic Experiencing for more details and insights. The homeopatia has abrangncia of generalista action, an alternative in the construction of the completeness. Attending all the etrias bands, it demands a simple technology with a financing cost condizente with the socioeconmicas and cultural conditions of the country; it can be extended of the acute and epidemic to chronicles, not transmissible illnesses and to the lesionais; in average stated period, it can be capable to reduce the demand for hospital and emergenciais interventions; to contribute with the reduction of the public expenses with the health and if has shown of great adhesion of the users in the places where already it is implanted.