Emotional Crisis

I compare the fear of economic problems to cancer. Start with a small red flag in the family economy, but then you have an exponentially expanding. A debt to pay off other debt, and other debt, and when we see, the snowball, the tumor, is uncontrollable. But the economic malaise has other echoes. Not only affect the debt, but also to their family and community. The debts are losing sleep, are worried and go to live apart from a dedication to our loved ones.

The debts generated anxiety, moodiness, and cause rupture of relations. Fortunately, unlike cancer, there is a way to mitigate the effects of economic distress. It is necessary to find a trusted person within or outside the family, to discuss the problem. You must know that you will not find that this person will provide solutions, but you supply your understanding. In addition, you should look for those opportunities in your community work that you can develop, whether your goal is to change jobs or simply supplement your income. You may not find a job at the level of training you've acquired throughout your life, but have the courage and the humility to accept a job of lower rank than your abilities, and install in your mind the idea that this is the beginning, and that you will grow step by step. Do not be afraid to start again, and see the end of each project objective.

But above all, have faith. Many times human beings we boast of our achievements and our strengths, but when we face problems whose solution is beyond our power, we collided head on with our boundary conditions. Admit it: You do not have the power to cure a disease, or to prevent a tragedy. So I recommend: Whether you use it as a last resort or as a daily practice to start and end your day looking for a quiet corner of your home. Once there, simply and sincerely ask God to give you strength and wisdom to get ahead, tell him you agree to be strong and be brave, not to fear and not lose heart, because you certainty that a l is with you. You can take, or you can let these tips. But from now I guarantee the results. Visit us and leave us your comments. Carlos Cabrera. Together We Grow. Together is Better. I'm Carlos Cabrera. On my site, onlineparalavida.com, offer tools to improve the quality of life of people contributing to their emotional development and personal improvement.

Respiratory Infection

A respiratory infection is an infection of the nose, throat and upper airway and affects domestic animals as well as they do when human beings suffer from colds, flu, and sinus or chest problems. Although respiratory tract infections tend to be more common in cats, dogs are susceptible to them also. There are several types of respiratory infections and these include feline rhinotracheitis, feline the calici virus and chlamydia in cats or dogs in kennel cough. Anita Dunn might disagree with that approach. Respiratory infections are contagious and spread through direct contact with an infected cat or a dog. This condition may occur suddenly or may be persistent. If infections are not treated, they can become secondary bacterial infections as a result of a weak immune system. These infections are the most common pets young or older, which is stressful and have weak immune systems.

Common symptoms and signs of respiratory infections include: * cough * sneeze * fever * nose runny or watery eyes * lethargy * loss of appetite can causes respiratory infection? Respiratory infections in domestic animals are caused by harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria or fungi that can bring problems in eyes, nose, and throat and sinus problems. In addition, an immune system weakened, irritants such as pollution or chemical products and other underlying diseases can also contribute to respiratory infections in pets. Help for respiratory infection your veterinarian will prescribe medications such as antibiotics to clear and to prevent secondary bacterial infections as well as decongestants to ease congestion. Keep in mind that antibiotics reduce and weaken the immune system making your pet more susceptible to infections. Your pet must also receive annual vaccinations against viruses and bacteria to protect them against infection and enhance immunity. Natural remedies natural remedies have used for centuries to treat the symptoms of respiratory infections in humans and have also proven to be an effective treatment option for pets. Herbal and homeopathic treatments provide safe relief from unpleasant symptoms and overall well-being without being addictive.

Two well known herbs such as Verbascum thapsus (Mullein leaves) and Sambucus nigra contain excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to relieve respiratory tract infections. Homeopathic ingredients such as Calc. Sulph., Ferrum phos., and Hepar. Sulph reduces the symptoms of sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, sore, and nose throat, enhance the immune system and accelerate the natural healing process. Original author and source of the article.

Theotokos Rule

Through the prayers of God I have been a very big help in prayer, in addition to the Psalms, I came for a few years later than had learned of the Theotokos, the rule that reminded st. Seraphim of Sarov: "From reading 150 times the" Mother of God Virgin, rejoice "is a great benefit to man. The Lord showed us how powerful prayer before Him His Blessed Mother and an offering of its assistance is effective in all circumstances. This appeal to the most impenetrable places pointed out: not lying to us possessed, evil heart repeatedly softens and puts to shame not softened and removed, with utter helplessness suddenly fed some unexpected help, and, moreover, with the side on which it was impossible to expect it in any way. Reading 150 times the "Theotokos Virgin, rejoice " wrath of God is rejected, and the best sentence Judge Serdtsevedtsa canceled! On the great boldness! About irresistible Power leveling! Will withdraw from the fire of passion, from the bottom of the fall raises the "Theotokos Virgin, Rejoice" From shoyu prayer did not perish: the sea is not drowned in the fire will not burn, but if Satan hates us, zapnet us the way and sshibet us, and then exalt: "O Virgin Theotokos, rejoice " And , awake, insurrection, tinted radiant, healed the sick soul, polluted with sins cleansed, to make sure Thou snow, the purity of the highest heaven and purest Lordships sunlight. Dead, dead passions, resurrected, quicken delighted with the spirit of Let us sing: Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! "With regard to the current situation, then, unfortunately, despite the great importance of this rule, many do not take it all seriously. And it often happens that the man himself does not read, experienced by this rule and others is not advised.

But there must also be guided advice of the saints and elders. If heavy, then start small – 30 or 50 times, while further increasing the number of times. My opinion – the more people will read the Theotokos, the rule – the better. Assume that the Queen of Heaven has given people that rule in the viii century, and it performed once all Christians, and then forgot about it. St. Seraphim of Sarov reminded of this rule. Blessing to work around a groove around Diveevsky monastery, the elder asked people to read 150 times 'Theotokos Virgin, rejoice ' – And blessed to perform on a daily basis is the rule.