However the man has each time more poludo the environment, mainly the aquatic one. of all the existing water in the planet, only 0.002% if finds available for the human consumption. On the basis of the described data, were looked to work the awareness in relation to the cares and the preservation of this vital element to the existence in our planet. The responsibility with the water starts with individual actions in house, in the school and in the community and with small attitudes of economy, being thus, she is necessary to the conscience that makes possible urgent actions front to the wastefulness of this valuable liquid. One of the objectives with the application of the project was to construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the water, public easement of the humanity, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support. Other intentions had added for the Project ' ' Water that I want gua&#039 to you; ' , as: to recognize the importance of the water in our lives; to identify to the adequate use of the water in our day the day; to recognize the situations where the water is harmful to the health; to identify the universal rights of the water; to develop the creativity, imagination and critical and responsible attitudes, related to preservation of the water; to identify the importance of the water in the human body; to form multipliers in the cares with the water and to acquire knowledge educating of that the amount of available drinking waters to the human consumption is limited and must be saved and be preserved. 2 DEVELOPMENT the water consumption in the world comes if raising in frightful way, mainly had to the increase of the population in the world. This will be able to bring many problems and difficulties as the rationing of water for the people, the increase of industrial costs for the necessity of underground water exploration, among others as much, therefore this consumption if relates to the water candy, that is a scarce natural resources.