Car Accessories – The Ultimate Book For The Tuning Friend

The informative reference book shows up to V like VW auto accessories for all popular models from A like Audi and it is aimed at beginners as well as advanced to the Autoschrauber. Who has a car at home and want to do yourself some repair and beautification projects, or is also interested in the one or the other tuning measures, will not pass this reference book. On over 2000 pages, auto accessories really presents all the accessories, from the simple windshield wipers on pipes up to the complete shock absorber set and describes it vividly. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn is actively involved in the matter. In this new reference book, learn all about the most popular accessories for all makes of cars and what you wanted to know has always been about. Whether you just want to refresh your knowledge or learn, whether about your favorite spoiler fits to your car model. In this book you will find everything easily.

Clear and clearly structured are all parts of the German, Japanese and international car brands with Proof of manufacturer and reference sources. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages, and special features of the individual car accessory parts are impressively discusses and explains. In addition a meaningful description and a mostly coloured illustration of the respective component associated with each article. The Guide auto accessories makes it easy to each car friend to find certain types of accessories or tuning parts and classified. The reference is to the latest state of the art and has over 80% of currently around 40,000 traded car accessories in the register. Go to Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala for more information. Almost 5000 of the most common part types for the various car models are described in detail. Including parts for the best selling auto models are also colour almost 1000. Not only as a reference book for the tuner, as a gift for the future auto mechanics, the work is excellent, because there are beginners as advanced tips, which accessory with which car series blends and which you should use better not together.

Self the approximate discount prices of the most common types of accessories are not mentioned in this guide. In short, the book about auto accessories is a work that should be part of any interested House. Another recommendation is the information portal This guide is ideal for beginners and intermediates.