Cook Tasty Borscht

Borscht – a very famous traditional dish of Russian and Ukrainian cuisines, there are an incredible number of recipes for different tastes and colors. But always and everywhere a place to express themselves and a desire to seek and tastier, in This time I'll try to explain to you how I cook the soup for many years, and rightly consider it tastes better and is probably more correct way of cooking under the laws of cooking. I've always disliked soup when it contained overcooked vegetables – especially kale. For all cookbooks should throw the cabbage in a dish or a potato before, or together with potatoes, and cook for a total of half an hour. I thought: 'Why so long should it cook? 'And because most loved and happy to eat raw sprouts (a snack), why should such a need because it boil down.

And decided to make soup on its own. In order to get a great soup to cook good broth. To do this, take the beef brisket, I put in a saucepan with cold water, close the lid, I bring sharply to a boil and cook over very low heat, and in any time does not give the broth to boil heavily. If you add the bones, then cook them 2 hours, and then lay the meat and cook another 2 hours. Our vegetables: beets, carrots, onions, parsley root cut into very thin strips. Beets have to put out separately in advance vzbryznuv vinegar or citric acid (not to get lost color of beet). .