Emotional Crisis

I compare the fear of economic problems to cancer. Start with a small red flag in the family economy, but then you have an exponentially expanding. A debt to pay off other debt, and other debt, and when we see, the snowball, the tumor, is uncontrollable. But the economic malaise has other echoes. Not only affect the debt, but also to their family and community. The debts are losing sleep, are worried and go to live apart from a dedication to our loved ones.

The debts generated anxiety, moodiness, and cause rupture of relations. Fortunately, unlike cancer, there is a way to mitigate the effects of economic distress. It is necessary to find a trusted person within or outside the family, to discuss the problem. You must know that you will not find that this person will provide solutions, but you supply your understanding. In addition, you should look for those opportunities in your community work that you can develop, whether your goal is to change jobs or simply supplement your income. You may not find a job at the level of training you've acquired throughout your life, but have the courage and the humility to accept a job of lower rank than your abilities, and install in your mind the idea that this is the beginning, and that you will grow step by step. Do not be afraid to start again, and see the end of each project objective.

But above all, have faith. Many times human beings we boast of our achievements and our strengths, but when we face problems whose solution is beyond our power, we collided head on with our boundary conditions. Admit it: You do not have the power to cure a disease, or to prevent a tragedy. So I recommend: Whether you use it as a last resort or as a daily practice to start and end your day looking for a quiet corner of your home. Once there, simply and sincerely ask God to give you strength and wisdom to get ahead, tell him you agree to be strong and be brave, not to fear and not lose heart, because you certainty that a l is with you. You can take, or you can let these tips. But from now I guarantee the results. Visit us and leave us your comments. Carlos Cabrera. Together We Grow. Together is Better. I'm Carlos Cabrera. On my site, onlineparalavida.com, offer tools to improve the quality of life of people contributing to their emotional development and personal improvement.