How To Be Stylish And Fashionable At The Same Time ?

Looking through photos from the fashion show or flipping through the pages of glossy magazines, you learn to find their "own" things, catch some details of clothes, rather than attempting to reproduce the total look. Key parts of the winter fashion wardrobe eyes magazine ANGE: Material: tweed, velvet, corduroy, satin, leather silhouette: the hourglass, trapeze coat in this season fashionable coat reflects the experience of previous decades: striking with massive shoulder pads in the style of 80's, laconic style of the 90's, coat-style military forties or elegant 60's. Hit – a coat resembling a dressing gown, comfortable and soft. Cockpit Jacket Straight Jacket spacious with smell and belts, some variations on the theme jackets – alyasok with fur hoods. Particularly relevant quilted jackets of bright colors. Hats in fashion – volume fur hats. Should pay attention to a warm hat – fur hat and cap from dlinnovorsovogo fur.

For warmer days, designers offer knitted hats, socks and berets, mostly plain dingy shades. Any sad scarf dress or a raincoat just tune up and turn into a fashionable way, if you throw on top of a wonderful scarf with pom-poms or elegant, extraordinarily beautiful scarf with fringe bottom. New season – Scarf-pipe. Pay attention to them, but better – buy. Very high boots boots, high heels, leather, lacquered with different inlays and patterns. This season's boots are advised to wear not only with the mini, but with midi skirts, dresses, shorts very different length and narrow jeans! In the collections of many designers are boots beige, black and gray. Fur boas, fur, fur jackets or vests with short sleeves. Fashionable to wear fur to match with clothes.

Relevant than short coats and long coats. Carl Jung does not necessarily agree. And to create a unique look, fur is worn with the office suit. Feathers Be it a coat, shoes or accessory, it must needs be present, this attribute. Pants with the volume at the hips and tapering down fashionable wardrobe must include tight pants, reminiscent of leggings or french pants that have a volume on the hips, narrowed down and can be shortened by a quarter. Best of all, they will look, complete with narrow jacket. Turtleneck dress Ideal emphasize the shape and perfect for the winter season. As a rule, black and gray colors. If you buy a dress, turtleneck not plan, it can simulate. Skirt and a turtleneck in the same color or a turtleneck and dress the same color, wrapped over her. Tulip skirt this season tulip skirt rises to its maximum height and will be more like a magnificent poof. Layering, flounces, pleats, complex cut this skirt only benefit. Shirt in the cage main print winter season can be considered as a cell in all possible ways. According to designers, variations on this theme can be unlimited, so the cell can be used in a business suit, and Casual – clothes. Importantly, to cage was interesting. Speaking of stylish strap detail of the season, we can not fail to note the rule of the strap. Belt worn over a knitted cardigan, the jacket, coat. Therefore, start a new season with the purchase of fashion strap, he will find a good use.