Influence Energy

And the only woman who can not have children, will look at them his sad eyes. However, the energy that can even be measured, remains always the same – positive or negative, regardless of the perception. There is another factor that is certainly worth mentioning. If an artist paints on a canvas object with negative energy, this energy is transferred and the painting. Again real life example: A familiar artist in his paintings depicted a large, beautiful, light-colored shell, brought from the south. She had a negative energy.

So all the pictures on which she was portrayed – also had negative energy. Special thanks to the picture and people. It is known that when the paint or photograph a person, he climbs energy. That is, you bring home energy of another person. So look, to people in the pictures were smiling and happy life. Then your house will be positive.

The energy of the artist embedded in the picture. To better explain the influence of the artist's energy picture will give an example of own experience: I was invited to help to understand why a woman alone and can not find a man. Negativity in any form is absent. Then I went to see the apartment. The reason we have found when they came into the room. Of all the pictures (And there were many) I was struck by one. Emanated from her magical cold. Shows a bouquet of flowers in a vase. BUT … The dark, almost black tones.