Kindle E-Book, Easy Transportation Device

Kindle E-Book, secure device is easily transported an electronic book reader that allows us to store documents of different content, also could be called an e-book and / or portable reading device. The Kindle has some the most popular presentations are: 1 Kindle, Kindle 2 U.S., International and DX Kindle (supports PDF files) The Kindle is the device features: – You have an electronic ink display of 800×600 pixels and 8 grayscale levels . – You have a wireless device to a network owned by Amazon called Whispernet, which works through the mobile phone network (Sprint U.S.) system used to download the contents of PDF format. – It is a very useful device because it can store large amounts of information, Amazon also has devices Kindle 2 model international use, which is accessible to users outside the United States. You need to know that models 1 and Kindle Kindle 2 do not support PDF files with extension natively, in this case Amazon has conversion services through email it can be done. unlike Kindle model does support DX PDF format files. Eva Andersson-Dubin spoke with conviction. For models that do not accept archifvos PDF format to send the document by e-mail to Amazon, they make it and forwarded through the mobile network to the device Kindle.

With Kindle e-book, easily transported secure device has the ability to access news from various newspapers, as is the case of the Valencia region, one of Hispanic newspapers with the largest number of subscribers. In the market there is the price of the Kindle 2 is $ 259 / 173 (U.S. version) and $ 279 / 186 (international version). As an example, indicate that this reader can be used to read the newspaper the Prisa Group, the multinational Amazon is making arrangements to create digital versions of some newspapers, and that they can be read directly on these devices. In-depth information on this link.