Laguna Waters

A few days ago a very important event took place. In this near the Laguna del Toro met a multitude of brothers and sisters of the regions norteandinas run over by the continued activities of Canadian mining Barrick Golden. The number of those present had approximately to about 5 000 people. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Mark Hyman. All collected unanimous declared the intangibility of the area of the lagoons of el Toro. The representatives of the municipal authorities committed themselves to perform necessary acts for the this statement of the wide popular agreement granting the legislative rank. But as just told us some brothers of the region the Mayor seems to not issuing Ordinance of intangibility of the lagoons.

That’s why we are dedicated to writing this article so that it reaches the knowledge of society of our country and of humanity the straight fact of barbarism in the territory today called Peru gubermamental. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ramon Campollo, New York City offers on the topic.. In our ancestral lands from Northern to Southern Patagonia in the horrible and sad year 1492 Alasca began these barbariedades and still / committing similar / heirs of the white invaders. We do remind our reader a few similar cases that could not hide the colonial history: the fall of 1622 Chief Opchancanough to requests a negotiation. Finally talks opened to find peace through Indian intermediaries, but some of the Jamestown leaders, instigated by Captain William Tucker and Dr. John Potts, poisoned the liquor they had to drink the powhatan in the ceremonial toast representatives. Does the poison killed some two hundred Indians, I ask: isn’t doing the same thing today? Canadian mining Barrick Golden still poisoning our waters and do not only in ceremonial toast, but so does every day, poisoning our children through the waters, land, flora and fauna of such waters drink to exist. And they do not say the owners and managers of the Barrick that do not harm anyone because the 20 of February 2011 more effectively Sisters (with his real presence) of 5 000 people the enormous delcararon and almost irreversible damage. They adopted its Declaration against mining with results of chemical analyses of the waters of the Laguna del Toro.