Language And Knowledge

Knowledge – Language: Language – Knowledge Bruno Professor Enrique Marinelli email: Is of common attention of the philosophers (centuries XIX and XX), to occupy of the problem of the language. The hermeneutic question of this occupation if must to the fact of that; It would be the language taking care of perfectly to what it is thought? Would be the receiver understanding perfectly the message that is emitted by the receiver? These questions perfectly correspond the necessity of philosophical thinking. Contact information is here: Stephen Porges. However, if the message is not transmitted in compliance with what it is thought, if the message not duly codified why, then, to think the philosophy? Of, what it means, or beforehand better, which is the proper one felt of the word or the act of filosofar? Ahead of this problematic one he is that these thinkers (sc. XIX and XX) will be dared to tame. One is in the truth about wanting to find safe floor for the reflection and the philosophical dialogue.

A characteristic example and contemporary of this problematic one the proper term is mentioned to it ' ' Cadeira' '. The term is enough to group itself in three individuals and to mention itself to it. Soon, rank in check, launches another question, namely, which age the form, the quality of the chair that the individuals had imagined? It will be fatal the divergence and abrangncia of cited objects. Of beforehand, it can conclude that, we would be relating the same the object? Obviously to think the substance of the object, we would be very far from thinking the same substance, but, when one is about the direction, of its meaning, something in common directs in them for a point, namely, the functionality of the object, its essence, its vocation, in the exemplificado case, to the act to seat. Then in them it seems that the language has a salvation, but so that the communication is salute, a deep reflective finishing becomes necessary, amongst the symbolic reality and the apparent reality. To be worried about the language is to be worried about the proper structure of the thought.

Therefore, a problem of the knowledge is the language. is knowledge a problem of the language. As much that we know certain categories that are not capable to be stated for words. In purely reflective degree the word is denoted here ' ' Amor' ' as many times proseadas for the poets and never etimologicamente deciphered. In usually, it worries very when the subject of the language, of the semiotics, is not argued in public ways, university, and, even though in schools of average education. The fact to accept ready and finished concepts compromises to all the productive capacity of the individuals, beyond, to all massacre the knowledge that one same conjunct can represent for the history of the knowledge. Ironically, we all use of the thought and the language the moment of our life, but little we worry in them in thinking if really we are with agreement with the proper epistemologia of the thought concepts. To resign to this preposition is to all poluir the auto-creative process of the philosophy, the thought and the proper communication.