LOA – Law Of Attraction

Seminar for the first time in the Rhein-Neckar Kreis of the seminar to the success book of Christian Reiland now for the first time is one of the universal laws that apply to each one of us, regardless of whether we know it or believe in Schwetzingen in Heidelberg the law of attraction or even resonance. It says: we put things in our lives, that we are in resonance (i.e. on the same energy vibration). In this 2-day workshop to meet a variety of proven, effective techniques that can help you become a magnet for what you really want in the areas of health, employment, finance and partnership. At 28.02/01.03.2009 the success author and seminar leader Christian Reiland offers service Nastasi, first in Schwetzingen, in cooperation with the seminar at a 2-day seminar on the topic of “Law of attraction”.

This law, also an abbreviation of “LOA” (Law Of Attraction) on everyone’s lips, is valid for all of us: “we consider the things in our lives, what we focus our attention and energy, i.e., with which we in response are “this resonance is dependent on our energy vibration, which in turn is created by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Learn more about this with Nancy-Ann_DeParle. To bring in line with our wishes and goals is the key to a life of health, wealth and happiness. Further details can be found at Steffan Lehnhoff, an internet resource. Positive thinking yesterday was positive feeling is today. Positive feel means that identify and formulate what they really want, these resistors/blocks dissolve and build an energy vibration that is in resonance with your wishes. These points are in addition to building a positive fundamental the main topics of the 2-day workshops. Learn, to integrate the success author Christian Reiland personally, the law of attraction in your life positively also make it your ministering spirit.

Reading on the Fri February 27, 2009 at 20: 00 at the Palais Hirsch, Schlossplatz, 68723 Schwetzingen of the seminar leader: Christian Reiland, trainer for personality development, author and seminar leader, deals for more than 20 years with the topics in personality development and resolving inner blockages. In addition to training in EFT (tapping acupressure), he’s already since seminars titled “targets years”. He is the editor of a newsletter, owner of LOA Forum and offers in cooperation with the seminar on the topic of LOA also an online course and Conference calls service Nastasi. in 2006, tapping Acupressure for body, soul and spirit, 2008 followed by LOA – law of attraction, which is already in the fourth edition published his first book titled EFT – the Goldmann Verlag.