Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz

The make-up artist School of make-up Academy Munich was supports needy children on 27 and 28 March the make-up Academy Munich guest at “Race4Kids on snow”. The winter charity race took place in the beautiful snowy Kuhtai in Tyrol. The make-up Academy Munich took over the section of hair and make-up of the celebrity guests. In a question-answer forum cardiologist was the first to reply. Among other things that had the honour, together with Lutricia McNeal, Sonja Zietlow, ALEKS Bechtel and many other great guests, to support the charity event make-up artist and hairstyling team. A host of celebrities took time for this event and support free of charge, as well as the make-up Academy Munich, disadvantaged children and their families.

A warm and special thank you also goes to the initiators of Jasmin Rubatto, Timo Scheider which made this event with a full heart and use one of the most beautiful of the year. Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz: “we are pleased this great project to support continue.” Impressions of the event and making of photos see and, see the make-up Academy Munich was founded in 2004 by Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz in life. The site of the company is the fashion and media city of Munich. Interested newcomers from all over the world, as well as makeup and hair artists with experience have the opportunity to learn the art of make-up and hairstyling from professionals and to expand here. Dive into the world of beauty, glamour and fashion, this is the make-up Academy Munich GmbH.