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MARATHON. THE MOST COMPLETE AND CURRENT TRAINING GUIDE. Marathon.The most complete and current guide is a comprehensive training manual that will not only help you prepare for a first marathon, but also provide good results to those who have already completed several marathons. Whether the reader’s goal is to finish the race and set a personal best or qualify for a marathon training, the author of this book provides all the information needed to get it. It does not take an expert to understand entrenamientoque programs are proposed, as all the basics for your first marathon, and how to achieve new goals and improve the times, are clearly explained. Hal Higdon Hal Higdon is considered one of the foremost experts in Marathon, having completed 111 competitions. He has authored over 30 books on the subject and hundreds of articles written for Runner’s World as editor and contributor. INITIATION TO BODYBUILDING PREPARE FOR look, feel and perform better than he ever had imagined! Bodybuilding is one of the best ways to achieve better health and total body fitness.Research shows that over and over-lifting or resistance training-brings many benefits: larger muscles, of course, but also greater strength, bone density and cardiovascular capacity. Add muscle also naturally lit internal burners defatting, which increases metabolism and may even lower blood pressure and cholesterol. And furthermore provides a look enviable. John Little John Little has worked alongside the best of bodybuilding champions and innovators for over thirty years. Has developed three revolutionary training techniques-peak contraction training, static contraction training and training of power-factor on which he has written several books.More than 150,000 bodybuilders in 60 countries use their training techniques and read his column in the magazine Iron Man FULL PHYSICAL PREPARATION FOR BASKETBALL “Shaq calls me ‘Flash’, but I was not born to be fast, it’s a quality I’ve developed-along with much strength, power and agility, along my career.