In our country we speak daily of malnutrition among children at a higher rate but never talk about the virtues of agriculture so that plane is assumed that malnutrition is associated to the low per capita and it is not. While a lot of the products we consume will be given dramatically different climates in which our country but it is also true that many of them are exported, eg Uraba banana, which is rich in essential nutrients and cure the bad cramps that are not called anything but low potassium, the question is will that all Colombians at least a week eat a banana crop, it is not that culturally we have more acute problems such as ignorance collective nutritional level, the consumption of vegetables left the mistaken belief that products with strange names are exclusive consumption of a certain group of people such as the elite class just like canned believe give us the status that always dreamed that are exclusive to the elite class, analyze each item to see that both wide and long have. The collective ignorance is something traditional Third World countries, it is believed that the concoctions relieve ailments, improve watering that luck and eggplants are food for the rich. If, rich in vitamins and magnesium which is what this vegetable is owned another pathetic example is the belief that vegetables are bad because they are watered with the backwaters of the beautiful river Bogota, and therefore are not good for health or that magazine models all they eat to live is water and green leaves. and the supreme maxim that bad pork Well, not what we need to attack is ignorance, thinking that food produce adverse health effects, so where is emerging commercial promotes the consumption of chicken, pork and more. And in turn creates pills of no more than one minute minute intervention of God to explain easy recipes to cook with cheap products and likewise this consumer bulletin which refers to products that are in harvest and its average value. Pro that is that nutrition problems are not always due to low per capita but the lack of variety in consumption of nutrients that are consumed by only the four “P” bananas, potatoes, pasta and Poteca, so we should remove the veil from the eyes on what products should I eat to get the proper nutritional value, to improve or maintain health according to our nutritional needs and medical requirements. The consumption of vegetables is another of the myths which account for not eating them is believed to have properties that are not described, that are roseadas with bad water for human consumption and is not so certain that the products pass by the standard of quality. In addition to the status it has given export products such as escargot or snails, in a country surrounded by two oceans and climates with 4 standard and the second best climate in the world can not be said that the snail does not give “Pula”, but chose to export it and not eat and is a sublime product worthy of the best restaurants in the world. Best in other words the average Colombian is not well nourished by lack of knowledge of nutrition education and not for lack of money or lack of products, what is lacking is real initiative and commitment to health and family welfare, packing to leave in the bowl of his children a better place chocolate milk and a fruit that children are a reflection of the habits learned at home and if they can be exemplifying healthy adults without food vices especially well nourished so that it can function in activities of daily life with energy and a healthy lifestyle