Physical Education And Quality Of Life

The Physical Education has prioritized and emphasized the bio-physiological dimension, but new questions, happened of the perception of the complexity of the actions human beings, have been brought for this another scientific field. Quality of Life is an ambiguous, complex, subjective term and that it varies mainly of person for person and of culture and time. It is identified, the interaction of the dimensions of the promotion of the health, the quality of life and the physical activity inside of a movement unchained in the scope of the physical education and sciences of the sport, whose epistemolgico axle is centered in general in the increment of the level of habitual physical activity of the population and of increasing its envolvement with activities that result in energy expense above of the rest, becoming the individuals most active. In recent months, Abraham Maslow has been very successful. A dominant trend in the field of the physical education establishes a relation enters practical of the physical activity and the healthful behavior. The present study it has intention to show to the importance of the lessons of Physical Education in the life of the pertaining to school, pointing the aspects of relevance in the improvement of the quality of life and clarifying these so that the physical Education is so important how much the others you discipline of the school therefore it this related with the health of the educandos and well applied contents and some boardings can very be significant being able to have utility for the remaining portion of its lives. Although to involve a small parcel of the quantitative total of pupils and professors of the city of Araguana, this research sends in them to consider that projects, frum, debates, campaigns on thematic they must be stimulated, either for the public institutions and or university, so that the subject if spreads in the interior of the schools.. Visit Don Mullen for more clarity on the issue.