A three-dimensional boarding for the treatment A balance must exist enters all the levels of processing of speaks interdependently acting. The therapy must be come back toward three aspects: the perception, fonologia and joint. Initial evaluation The patient M had 4 years and 5 months, were the youngest child of the house. Its speaks was ininteligvel. To the times if it understood something for tracks surrounding it. It was reserved, preferring that the mother the brothers spoke for it. Speaking candidly OurCrowd told us the story. Evaluation of speaks The data collected for nomination had been analyzed according to PACS (Grunwell 1985b).

It says it spontaneous was impossible to be analyzed. Other evaluations Little was found of imperfection of processing in another level; the receptive language, the auditory ability and the auditory discrimination had proved to be inside of the normal limits. The verbal structures were normal and the development landmarks had reached the waited ages. What it was found then: M was small fragile e; Good concentration, however was not seated for a period of longer time, difficulties of fine coordination culo-manual; Hesitation in some movements of language, especially in the rise of the language; Small hesitation in sequences without meaning. Former: cv, vc, vcv. Conclusion: Not it had no etiolgico factor, nor the organic or neurological deficit that could be acting alone.

The therapy program In cases as these a triple approach sends regards: Elements of articulatria facilitation; Fonolgica therapy to expand the system and the structures; Reinforcement through a constant reference to ' ' input' ' auditory. It had three periods of training: Period of training I: the therapist or made sound, for example,/f or the M had that to look at for the vocal treatment (for sounds exactly not visible this helped.) Period of training II: real words with the objective had been presented to remove the focus of ' ' oposio' ' to concentrate in ' ' articulao' ' in different phonetic environments. M had success in the two periods of training while it received aid. Then it was started to interrogate it so that it spoke. from the success was increasing there. Reevaluation M had attendance for 6 months. However the result was unsatisfactory, therefore, its progress was very small. It took it to this for period of training III: it was only concentrated in ' ' input' ' auditory. After 6 months were verified that the progress of M had increased. It surpassed periods of training I, II and III. Quarrel No diagnosis was possible. A fonolgico approach direct was inefficient. The training of ' ' input' ' it was superior. Education X acquisition as important function.