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What a summer soap opera if we are living with Ricky. Actua lment are four teams that are pushing harder for the player, Real Madrid Regal FC Barcelona, Unicaja and Minnesota Timberwolves. These are my views on the advantages and disadvantages of each of these teams for Ricky: Real Madrid In my opinion, the worst option for Rubio considering the role which seeks to, if he stays in Europe, on the computer that is.The Real Madrid to sign just Prigioni, the other major base of the CBA just completed one of his best seasons. This would take away Ricky minute or yes, and it is role and minutes on the court you are looking for the young player. Anyway, has already stated several times that his intention is not to wear white, preferring other offers. Regal Barca This is the last team that has gotten into the bidding for the base. Ricky would be in a situation similar to the Real, but remains less minutes in the same position as are Victor Sada, Andre Barrett (last season) and Jaka Lakovic, on which players take the role of Ricky baseman without problems .Barca may be a good option, as is the champion of last season as a candidate to contest the Euroleague Final Four firm, and Ricky would have enough minutes to be comfortable … Unicaja Malaga It seems to be the best option for you attracts RR, basically for two reasons: first, that come with the role of steering the team star, it would be the undisputed master of the game and the team would play virtually. The second, on the bench is Aito, sporting his father, who made her debut with 14 years and without which now probably not be what it is. Carlos Cabezas also has left the post vacant baseman, and the role of standard equipment, and Ricky would love to adopt. I think the most interesting option in Europe, and I think if you do not make the leap to the NBA will go to the Costa del Sol Minnesota Timberwolves It seems that the Wolves want to Ricky in their ranks for next season a. I see Minnesota as a good option, because it’s worth, has a small market is a losing team and it’s cold.But to be a rookie, what more do you need In fact it is best to start with minutes that you have made a name in the league, and that the TWolves Rubio is going to be inevitable, because I do not think Jonny Flynn manages to steal the starting point guard position to Ricky, and if they have to play together at certain times they can do as a scorer and Flynn is a director of the Spanish game … These are my impressions of the teams that want to Ricky with them, but I have from the sporting side and not from the economic aspect which could lead to Ricky to choose bids that do not interest you much. I usually make, where to stay in Europe, with Unicaja, although almost prefer to initiate and NBA stage, to be watched and earn a better contract.