Spa Spa Archena

Spa Spa Archena Archena. Murcia. Archena The spa is located in southeastern Spain, two kilometers from the town of Archena, within the province of Murcia, the warmest region of Spain. Located by the river Segura in a peaceful and lush oasis with an abundance eucalyptus, palms and lemon trees. Archena is the Spanish resort which has the oldest historical vestiges. Its origins date back to Roman times, more than 2000 years ago when the Romans discovered the healing properties of its waters and established a resort for their soldiers. In the Middle Ages, the baths were owned by the Knights of Santiago and later, the true order of St. John, who applied the mineral waters to the healing of certain wounds.In the nineteenth century, when the bourgeoisie imposed fashion going to take the waters Archena Spa underwent a transformation and conceptual architecture, becoming a place of healing, relaxation and luxury of choice for the wealthy. Years later, with the development of beach tourism, Archena, like other resorts, fall into decay until a few decades ago to recover a clientele that appreciates the virtues of its hot springs.