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After the discovery of the New World, the Aloe found its way towards Latin America and South America through the Spanish missionaries planted that it in its gardens. The beginning of the industrial revolution and the later arrival of synthesized chemical solutions for the ailments, make back down the paper of the Aloe Side as it plants medicinal.Although still he was employee like homemade remedy by many, the scientific community diminished his medicinal importance.During half-full of century XX, the Aloe it has undergone certain Renaissance when people again began to watch the traditional homemade remedies to help in diverse conditions and diseases. The medical community also began to re-examine this small wonderful plant and a plethora of doctors gives to information mentioning to the capacity of Aloe Side to cure everything. Nowadays, whereas the medical community still maintains a strict neutrality of potential of the Aloe Side as one cures medical, the natural industry of the health and cosmetics have become crazy by this green plant.Juice of Aloe Side and its additives all the naturistas country stores of and many of cosmetic products are sold in sample to the Aloe like ingredient.The Aloe Side is very popular and it is possible to be found in center of almost any garden that you walk. Yulia Berry is an independent investigator and author of best to seller on the aloe side, " Aloe – Its doctor milagroso". It distributes a weekly bulletin on homemade remedies and has written another popular e-book " The pharmacy in hortalizas" and dozens of natural articles for the health published in hundreds of Web sites anywhere in the world. For more information on Aloe – His miraculous doctor, visits: Aloe Your Doctor Milagroso Original author and source of the article