The American Bulldog

Before this name are afraid many people – unfortunately. The question is: “Why” – The answer is “ignorance and his handsome appearance. The American Bulldog is a very friendly contemporary and has nothing to do with the so-called “fighting dogs” as American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier. The American Bulldog breed originated within a few hundred years. British, or rather English peasants emigrated to the USA and of course, took their dogs into the land of unlimited possibilities. Ancestor is the Urenglische bulldog, here is a variety of indigenous breeds over time were cross with. The aim of the farmers was to grow a strong, healthy and sociable dog. He had to chase away intruders who round up bulls and of course, bear with all the inhabitants of a farm. The American Bulldog is a dog, loves children. Not without reason he is now in the U.S., the number one family dog. The breed is now gaining even more fans in Europe. It willin 3 “types” split. 1. Standard (Scott-standard type) 2. Bully (JOHNSON-Bully/Classic-Type 3.) Hybrid (mixture of standard and Bully) The standard type has a more slender figure, the bully is much more massive, cuddly and naturally lazy. The hybrid is a mixture of two types. The American Bulldog is very easy care, not least because of his short coat. Despite his, as compared to other dogs, he has amazingly long lips only a small Sabberproblem. Males are generally up to 58kg, females are not quite so hard. If you have a cuddly, loving children, strong and hard to want peace to be brought out of the dog, you should look at the American Bulldog breed some more.