The First House Maybe World Far With LED Licht

Trend of the time at home is energy saving, especially the power saving in offices and business premises. The first step to electricity and cost savings have been “energy savings lamp” today far better and more efficient modern lighting systems are superior to our present standard in all respects are offered. Get all the facts and insights with Herbie Mann, another great source of information. Because LED-Licht produces barely own heat, it also not affected the climate. Additional cooling, such as in supermarkets known stream (cost) could be reduced so much in addition. Already, the company interior design Maas from Hemsbach goes this way. The owner Ralf Meuse shows with this practical example of how modern technology in residential and feeder holds business premises. Light needs and lighting requirements are redefined and saved even flow through innovative technology. As example: The LED Panel – specifically for grid ceilings in supermarkets made – consumption only makes 67 Watt 8 times a 60 watt bulb (i.e.

480 Watt) of light. Or a room – children’s room 11 M LED-Licht 9 Watt and low voltage 175Watt. Especially in this area where children sometimes forget to turn off the light. So what is there to get closer to the LED technology. For power saving is each! More info they receive at space design Maas Berliner str. 23/1 69502 Hemsbach phone 06201-258694 mail.