The Kremlin Diet

The Kremlin diet is not the most effective diet, but the most popular diet by talented journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda, which invented it. Further details can be found at Nancy-Ann_DeParle, an internet resource. The essence of the Kremlin diet is that meat can be eaten unlimited, but severely restrict carbohydrate intake. The explanation of this unusual diet following. When sharply limited the intake of carbohydrates – a source of energy, it quickly begins to process the accumulated fat deposits. Therefore, this diet is related to the category of low-carb. According to this principle made fashionable in the West, the American Heart Diet Atkins and Agatston, a Polish doctor Kwasniewski. Weight loss is provided by limiting intake to 40 at. e (arbitrary units) per day, saving weight – at 60 at.

ie, the increase – more than 60 at. e. For a diet to 40 at. is possible for 8 days to lose 5.5 kg. However, there is in the Kremlin Diet and contraindications. To those people who have chronic diseases, especially heart, blood vessels, stomach, and it is necessary to agree on your new menu with your doctor. It is not recommended to sit on the Kremlin diet for people with kidney disease and pregnant women.