The Learning In The Adolescence

The Learning in the Adolescence Manoel Huires Alves Before we go to define what it is adolescence. The adolescence is a very important period of training in the evolution of the human being, extending themselves enters the phase of infancy and the adult phase and representing a period of transformations or experimentations, where the adolescent search in the way the construction of the proper identity. However the adolescence is not a state, but a dynamic process, that is, is a period where a revolution of transistion in the life of the human being happens, having to be lived with naturalness and, in special, understood for the adults. Considered a phenomenon of psychological and social character, where the particularitities in accordance with vary the way that the being is inserted, the adolescence it starts with the puberty (physical and biological phenomenon) and finishes with the acquisition of a particular and independent identity integrating the individual in the space as to be social. Credit: Gina Ross-2011. Although having subdivided Piaget the intellectual development in four stadiums and fitting the adolescence in the stadium of the formal operations, that is enters the 11/12 years until the 15/16 years, in the current days this period of training passed to be considered a process each longer time, where if it does not think more to treat it as etria band and yes as a form to deal with the subjective events of its existence. To educate an adolescent nowadays is not easy task. By the way, never it was easy to educate a social adolescent, being, therefore challenge for educators and professors in the acquisition of mechanisms that assures to the adolescent the access to the school and politics that fights the pertaining to school evasion, a chronic problem in level of Brazil, thus promoting, for being basic, the permanence of the same in the school. It is in the school that occurs the diverse types of learnings, relationships or development of people, being, therefore a marcante institution for the life of the child and the adolescent. Perhaps check out Joint Commission for more information. .