The Phone Comes Out Of Fashion confirms study of the statistical Federal Office as a study of the Federal Statistical Office shows, change the communication behavior of Germans continue to sustainably. Therefore the mobile more and more supplanted the landline phone. The auction Portal confirmed this trend. Around four million households in Germany come without landline of mobile accessibility suffice. The results of current income and consumption sample of Federal Statistical Office show that the households without fixed telephone line have increased since 2003 to triple to 9 per cent. “The auction Portal confirmed this trend: in the past 12 months, about fifteen times as many mobile phones were sold through auvito tore like ISDN telephones or analog landlines”, says Stefan Rick from

Especially young consumers and low-wage earners do without on the landline, according to the study of the statistical Federal Office further. In one of three households of under 25 years with mobile, there is no regular phone more. Frequent changes of residence can appear unattractive to the landline in this age group. Also, the amount of household income affects the facilities with a landline. So the Mobiltelefonierer without landline accounted in the lower income classes for 23 percent, only 3 percent have been identified, however, among the better-off.

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