Venus One

Later it scratches out the match in the box. If the match to light the honey is pure. If it not to light the honey is impure and contains water. Another form to identify to the pureness or the falseness of the honey is to place the pot in the refrigerator. If of one day it another one the honey to crystallize it is pure.

If to remain liquid is false. Today we live in the age of the falseness, with great part of the individuals, in the diverse areas of activity, wanting to be deceptive or to pass the others stops backwards, either through the lie or of other ways of tapeao to its to make use. For example, we read one manchete: ‘ ‘ Dreadful crime in the center of cidade’ ‘. All run to buy the periodical. But after all they discover that the crime happened in London, in the last century. To this if it calls, in the press, of sensationalism, a dishonest form to call the attention. But as well as in the animal alimentary scale the victims and its respective predators exist, thus also in the relations human beings they exist trouxas and its respective dodgers. The old ones, that in them they had bequeathed half the described ones above to identify a pure or counterfeited honey, also costumavam to say that? the devil knows for devil however more it knows for old.

That is, that the wisdom is determined by the experience and the experience of each one. However each time more disobeys this acknowledgment: ‘ ‘ To leave itself to be deceptive for first or the second time is excusable, but in third he is burrice’ ‘. It wants to say, some people like to be been deceptive or to suffer, more than what for the proper burrice, for a species of vice, birra or pleasure. The voters know, for example, that its candidate is a recognized demagogue and dodger, but they become to vote in it; she knows the woman who its friend is violent he maltreats and it, but defends it and continues with it; they know the people who definitive individuals are falsifiers and costumam to vender? cat for hare? , but they continue buying its? products? , and so on. It has in the fact of the people if to leave to be deceptive, and also in the act to search the punishment and the suffering, a species of unhealthy vice that psychology or the psychoanalysis only obtains to explain. In 1870 the writer Leopoldo Masoch wrote a called autobiogrfico romance ‘ ‘ Venus de Peles’ ‘ where one of its personages (proper it, in the paper of false created) makes question of being chicoteado by the loving one of its woman. From there originated the term? masochism? , that is, the tare of that likes to be deceived, to be punished and to suffer.