Betty Davis

Those that saw act to Betty Dayvis, that great North American actress, that acted until the 90 years, or to Lola Flowers, that great Spanish singer or to Sarita Montiel, that great actress and Spanish singer, or to our great super vedette Rosita Forns, she thinks that to any age the fame stays. Behind the fame, there is a great artist, of which is almost never repeated like Charles Chaplin, the Beatlhes, Barbra Strainsand, Alicia Alonso, Forns Rose to mention some examples. After seeing Do6na Rosita Forns, does not concern its present age. , that has stayed like first figure of the Television, the Theater and the Cuban Cinema, turned into first vedette absolute of Cuba, knows that a consecration to the art has existed, as most genuine of the philosophical forms of manifestation of the personality. The great joy of Rosita Forns, when it acts, it sings, and sometimes it dances, makes an artist who has maintained an image within the Cubans, we admired which it because she does not look like a nobody. She is Dona Rosita Forns of the artist to the myth.

To the eternity. The surprise has been collective, its great tour by to all demonstrates it Cuba, has delivered an attack incredible, like demonstrating to us to all, that there is Rosita for many long years of life. Its artistic talent demonstrates therefore it. Its last incursions in the Cuban cinema: Secondary papers, the last nights of Constantinople, they demonstrate the validity of his interpretative histrioniocismo like excellent actress. The news is expected with impatience, the EGREM is recording discs CD, with the latest in recording techniques, to take a clear, clear voice to us, stamped, sharpened, and rythmical, that with adjustments to original music will accompany their voice, to give a CD us, studied and elaborated well. The selection of the songs stays in silence, to give the effect of a cultural fact, hoped well by all the that we are loving of its art.

For me especially, it is going to be a DAY of great joy and joy, because for me to say to Rosita Fornes, that is to say the great Art of Cuba. But, the young people do not think, that to any age the fame stays, if behind each action, has not been sufficient the demanding thing, like demonstrating that is continued being a great artist. Bond for good, to continue listening Rosita Fornes, that will continue being. Of the artist to the myth. To the eternity. Its paper in the history of the Cuban art, well will be remembered by all the present and future generations of Cuban.