Chiang Mai

People continue with their chores naturally. Some girls play with the ball as a family shows me his guitar craft of several kilos in weight, with which they get out some sounds surprisingly mellow, accompanied by some sad song lyrics that would bring tears to more than one. The last moments of the day’s take to pass them along to M Joseph, before they leave the village should be compulsory, since it is not allowed to stay with them. all the information. Sincerely beside her, my enormous sense of sadness to his people, I ask her to explain if they suffer some mishap on the part of the military. To tell you can not go on the tongue, is when I perceive that there really is something hidden, that only they know. I urge you to politely tell me a truth that seems to want to hide, because of possible reprisals, as she tells me. I get nervous to see that I can not get a confession I want to videotape in order to have proof complaint about breach of human rights.

On the other hand tells me that all profits from sales of its products are intended for their people. In particular I am very surprised, because that helps them money! if they can not spend even buy their own freedom. There are rumors that several entrepreneurs who really benefit from their activities. They even note that on one occasion were several women who carried to a show, to show people their long necks, in true circus. It was one of the happiest days of my life, having managed to change some of those dead eyes and saddened by the looks of some rather encouraging. Mjosa I say goodbye with great sadness, as I keep their contact information, which is nothing more than a ZIP code (all you receive should be supervised by their drivers). I am the last person to leave this town I will go down for life, while I think how sad it would also see these girls in miniskirts and cleavage in one of the many bars in Chiang Mai or Pattaya mature frequented by Westerners. Alex M JOS THE BEST. “