Computer Applications

” That they are the computer science applications? “: They are, those programs that user and computer allow to the interaction between (communication), giving option to the user to choose options and to execute action that the program offers to him. They exist innumerable number of types of applications. An application, in end is a computer science program that allows a user to use a computer with a specific aim. The applications are part of the software of a computer, and usually are executed on the operating system. Without hesitation Joel Courtney explained all about the problem. An application of software usually has a unique objective: to sail in the Web, to review mail, to explore the hard disk, to publish texts, to play (a game is a type of application), etc.

An application that owns manifolds programs considers a package. They are examples of applications Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word, Excel, WinAmp, Oracle Applications. Generally, an application is a program compiled, written in any programming language. The applications can have different licenses from distribution like being freeware, shareware, trialware, etc. The applications have some type of interface, that can be a text interface or a graphical interface (or both). Also it is necessary to emphasize that the distinction between applications and operating systems often is not clear.

In fact, in some integrated systems a clear distinction for the user between the system and its applications does not exist. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is likely to agree. The difference between those and application programs of system is based in which those of system suppose aid to the user to be related to the computer and to make a use more how of the same, while those of application are programs that they cooperate with the user for the accomplishment of the mentioned activities. Within the application programs, a distinction between vertical applications can be useful, of specific purpose for a type very delimited of users (doctors, lawyers, architects ), and horizontal applications, of utility an amplest range of users of any type.