Ethical Management

One comments, that the function of any manager is to create an organization where the people can be happy. In order to obtain it is fundamental to select to people with positive and proactive an attitude, who conceive their personal and professional life like a continuous process of aprendizaje” In an interesting writing on this topic of one comments, that the social commitment and the balance between life and work have become a strategic trick of the companies, confirms the manager expert Jutta Rump, of the School Superior of Ludwigshafen (Germany). It is the new formula to recruit and to motivate. From the small company to the great Volkswagen partnership (whose new motto is To live and to work in world VW) announces conciliation, telework and the possibility of permissions and sabbatic periods. But Rump notices that work will be no a revolution life balance for all, but mainly for ” insustituibles”.

” There are some who construct operas; we invested in the happiness of ours empleados” , he says Gunnar Grosse, industralist whom the electronics Komsa Ag founded on Germany, awarded in many occasions by his efforts conciliators. He has services of sport day-care center, spaces and wellness and offers telework and flexibility of schedules. And the industralist Antonnela Lorenz, founder of Lorenzsoft, Munich, allows her programmers to work the time who want, to go shopping and to sit down in a coffee in schedule. One is based on a form of organization of the work by daily realistic objectives.