It occurs of positive form when the idealized image and the person idealizes who it if correspond. Official site: Dr Jee Hyun Kim. That is, when it makes possible an interior harmony, when express autovalorizao, becoming a stimulaton that goes to act in the personal growth. Already in the negative form, the person presents a wrong perception of same itself. The idealized image does not correspond to the reality, presenting itself subestimada or overestimated in relation itself and to the other.

When the idealized image is overestimated, the person if it becomes prepotent, magnificent, arrogant. Everything that if opposes to its idealized image is seen as an attempt to depersonalize it or to inferiorizar it. It is judged owner of the truth. In the reality, the illusion lives of that is superimportant. On the other hand, when the idealized image is subestimada, the person if feels inferiorizada, devaluated.

When exerting the victim paper, of coitadinha, of sofredora, it searchs justifications for its low autoestima. It is depreciated not to live deeply conflicts, wants to be recognized as victim of the society. Pride also has one third way it if to reveal. Of certain form, it is a mixture of the two previous ones. That is, the person if feels proud for the sacrifice that made or makes for the other, many times, in detriment of proper it; or then she feels yourself carried through with the other people’s conquests, not giving to importance its. This person does not possess, in the truth, no admiration for same itself. She does not obtain to autovalorizar itself. She only feels yourself well when she is grudada or living the life of the other. The referencial of it is the other, therefore it annuls yourself almost completely.