Financial Market

The financial market is the main element for the countries in general, is the foundation for the world of the businesses, therefore it allows that the companies or individuals if develop in its activities. According to Richness (2001, p.17), a dynamic element in the process of economic growth can be considered, a time that allows to the rise of the saving taxes and investment. With the market each more dynamic and competitive time, the companies whom more possibility has to get success are those that if worry about the expectations and necessities of the customers. The differentiation of products and services is a constant being an important tool extremely for the prominence between the competitors however, the marketing is considered a tool that directs the strategical planning of a company to arrive at its objectives. The sector of services is one of the areas most important for the economy of a country, therefore a significant increment in the work market involves much hand of workmanship generating. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Mark Hyman and gain more knowledge.. The financial market is considered a branch of the sector of services that excellent importance gained due to the substantial changes that come around happening in the environment business-oriented of the world.

The fianceiras institutions in general find difficulties to differentiate its products, and for this many are investing strong in the differentiation in services. The concern of the differentiation of financial services is each bigger time and each time more the financial institutions and brokers of investments if new characteristics for its products and services focam in differentiation, adding. The biggest challenge of the financial institutions is to fidelizar its customers. According to Kotler (1998), she is necessary to identify specific ways to differentiate and to get competitive advantage. With the sped up advance of the technology and the changes of the necessities human beings, it more starts to be each time complicated to satisfy all the customers.