Germans Fruits

Health risks can result his fruit and vegetables are healthy. Everyone knows that. Unfortunately, not everyone is that the consumption of fruit and vegetables is declining in Germany, although was found again and again in various studies that can be with sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables promote heart health, prolongs the life of even. Special positive properties for fat metabolism are attributed to individual fruits, such as apples. If it so no question is that fruits and vegetables good for health are, then remains only the question of how much we daily must eat of them, achieving significant positive effects and whether there may be alternatives for fruit and vegetable mould. A recently published study from Finland has shown the positive effect of fruit and vegetables on the health of very impressive.

From three servings of fruits and vegetables daily, it is noticeable. Eight servings a day may increase the risk of coronary heart disease to die to 22% lower. Who for example, manages to eat daily eight apples, must worry about his health from a nutritional standpoint. Unfortunately very few people do it. Even the three apples every day at least to achieve a small health effect, are a permanent challenge for many. Recent statistics show that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables per Germans just corresponds to an Apple and that even with a declining tendency. Against the background of this negative development, it is necessary, alternatives to think about, as long as the consumption of fruit and vegetables is equivalent to not meet the health requirements. It is the question whether nutrients to compensate for the inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables from a health perspective, at least in part in the form of tablets and capsules. This is quite certainly not completely, to fruits and vegetables are far too complex to reproduce it in pills to.