Hall Paris

Renault us has kept awake the first data and images of its last concept to car, an electrical two-seater with central motor that will be one of great stars of the next Hall Paris. Without a doubt one of the beautiful cars but that one would wish to buy. Read more from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The 2 of October, in ” Mondial” of the automobile, we will be able to see live first of a saga of models that represent the new language of design of the mark, imposed by Laurens go give Acker. The Dutch bet by an emotional, sensual and warm design; that it transmits passion and it reflects movement; something that already we saw in its previous stage in Mazda, Once again Laurens moves with his the models to us of cars. This automobile has more importance of the one than it seems, because concept to car is like the dresses that we see in the great footbridges of the fashion: nobody would put them to go out, but they mark the stylistic tendency of the future, with cuts, weaves and colors that of some way we will see reflected in the clothes ” comn”. In the same way, Renault assures that the lines frontal and back teachers of the DeZir will inspire the common identity of the future range of models of the mark. In its design, we can emphasize the doors type equivalent monoplane wings that have the characteristic of which the doors of each side abren in inverse form, that is that the doors of the conductor abren upwards and forwards whereas those of the companion they abren upwards and backwards, and their lines that besides giving a net sport style him also give a futurist aspect him.

Its interior also is totally futurist, with details that draw attention, like the seats that seem to be integrated to the body, and have an incredible aspect. The steering wheel, the instrument panel and the gearshift also are very showy and leave the common thing. Companies by Internet already estan seeing the way to be able to commercialize this beautiful car.