Health Family

One of the biggest desires of the human being, beyond having good conditions of life, as, health and welfare, is to structuralize/to form a family. Check with Jon Medved to learn more. The family known with foundation for the development of the education, principles of the ethics and moral throughout the years comes suffering changes. In the antiquity, the highly on family to the religion, lived in function of the respect in the relations between itself, but the submission of the feminine sort was something marcante of this convivncia. The cult for ancestor, as gifts in the life of all, extended the limits of this social institution. Somatic Experiencings opinions are not widely known. ation. The father and the mother configured in entities with value of security, mantenedores of the good behaviors and that they assured to its descedentes, subsistence and study, when possible. The herediariedade, somatrio of all the characteristics of the parents was had only as characteristic only of the father, after all at the time it gave credit that the men were only the capable ones to obtain to ahead take the perpetuncia and the quality of the family.

With insertion of new perspectives for the women in the market of work and the social life, the families start to trace new ways, where the rights and duties of the women tend to equalize it of the men. In this period, the reproduction gains greater attention of the society. The cares directed to the gestante – main responsible for the generation of the family, pass if to intensify, with the sprouting of concerns of the professionals, with the health of this future mother and its son. The importance of prenatal for the accompaniment and the evaluation of possible obsttricas intercorrncias in this phase is seen then. The prenatal one will go to receive this woman and its friend in order to make them co-responsible for the good gestacional development. The rapidity to initiate the prenatal one can guarantee good results in the childbirth and puerprio – period after childbirth, where the complications as, for example, related infections, hemorrhages, riots the arterial pressure, metabolic disfunes and hormonais questions can take the death materna.

The prenatal one if initiates soon when it has discovered of the pregnancy, and is composed for monthly consultations until the nineth month, in these consultations all the doubts of the gestante and of the spouse they are clarified, privileged moment professional it to narrow its relationship to the customer. Circumstances will exist that this gestante will make to look the service of health beyond what established for the professional, valuable chance for the identification of abnormalitys and immediate treatment. The excess of consultations is normal in women in the first gestation, for the proper unfamiliarity of the situations and transformations, however hardly it will exceed two monthly consultations. As, many of these alterations in the body of the gestante are waited, can be solved in simple way for the professional not having the necessity of a hospital internment, when taken care of in time. A healthful gestante is that one that takes care of of itself as if she was two people, it knows the hour to eat, to sleep, to carry through physical activities, of if to protect, at last that if it takes care of and alone the prenatal one will go to supply to all these knowledge and this qualified assistance.