Java Support

COBOL compiler specialist EasiRun Europe has the necessary flexibility for a wide range of customer needs and requirements with the COBOL compilers NetCOBOL by Fujitsu, isCOBOL Veryant and RM / COBOL by micro focus EasiRun covers the individual needs of its customers, advises and supports the efficient use and its successful work with these products. isCOBOL is available and expanding for unix-like platforms in Java intermediate code. Programs that have been implemented in isCOBOL can easily connect with native Java modules or run in parallel in the same environment. The communication with the DB is then already running through JDBC. In isCobol much technological movement and innovation can be observed.

RM / COBOL development and run-time environments provide binary compatibility for all supported operating systems and hardware platforms. Applications developed with RM / COBOL are durable due to sophisticated technologies and developments in the form of adaptable add-on modules. Is Fujitsu’s NetCOBOL for Windows and Unicode oxide systems available and has a large installed base. Topical following new versions are available at EasiRun: Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET version 4.0 Fujitsu NetCOBOL for Windows version 10.0 Fujitsu NetCOBOL for SPARC / Solaris architecture version 10.0 a snippet from the functionality under NetCOBOL for .net: support for Visual Studio 2008 and .net Framework V3 5 enhancements in WCF support (development and operation) support AJAX as extensions for Web applications performance: The start time of under NetCOBOL for .net V4 developed programs could significantly increase be (JIT compilation time) an excerpt from the functionality under NetCOBOL for Windows version 10: support Windows Server 2008, as well as a development environment for Windows 64-bit systems (WOW64, 32-bit operation) COBOL syntax extensions: CSV support (comma separated values) UTF-16:16-bit Unicode format support a Excerpt from the functionality under NetCOBOL for SPARC / Solaris version 10: COBOL syntax extensions: CSV support (comma separated values) UTF-16:16-bit Unicode format support a download is possible for EasiRun customers through the website. Targeted advice and answers to technical questions is there in the EasiRun support team below or phone 06081-916030 X 64 versions for Windows and Linux are expected in the next release. Usingen, April 7, 2009