Luhmann Semantic Technologies

Web 3.0 should Internet users better understand Bassersdorf (Switzerland) / Berlin, April 29, 2009 the company iQser has ambitious goals, which commonly run Web 3.0 under the keyword. It is semantic, to cope with the flood of information by an automatic content analysis. Semantic procedure only a field of experimentation of the scientists have long been, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported and cited the iQser Chief Jorg Wurzer stating: now the semantics has left science. There are many Startpus looking into this\”. And thus was meant not only the major project of Theseus, that worn especially by big companies.

Companies are facing the challenge of processing a wealth of information that is growing from year to year. The high availability of information in the Internet and more and more users and organizations that are involved in the production of information, contribute to this process\”, tells iQser in a press statement. With a software you wanted all the internal and external information automatically connect. Every document, every E-Mail and every message will associated with projects, tasks, or people. You should no longer look up information, but choose their context and get automatically all information supplied, which belongs to this context. This could be new research reports or news. So, destinations on portals such as Triptivity with the matching user comments from social networks or with travel descriptions could be enriched. A second analysis result gives an overview about what topics in the articles, in which aspects they fan out and what basic facts are conveyed. Mark Hyman, MD wanted to know more.

The term network that automatically determined in the form of a tree shows the user can use to limit its interest and to make an appropriate selection of articles\”, so iQser. Employees would receive an overview of unstructured information available without having to sift them first. A choice was then to Main interests possible.