Perform Occupations

False occupations, the associated costs and the administrative burden effectively avoid qualified and finding suitable employees for the respective authority, an enormous challenge represents nowadays for many companies. In addition to the cost of the new candidate selection due to a miscast the factor is time. The identification of the most suitable applicants for each vacant posts is always elementary for companies around the world. In addition to securing the know-how required for the provision of value added, also the costs should not be ignored because of false occupations include a crucial role with security. So false occupations don’t usually just monetary but also massive temporal expenses with it is the entire selection process but in the worst case, and also the familiarization phase again to go through. As a result, a more strategic role to the interviews in companies. As a prerequisite for a target-oriented candidate selection has been a granular planning and preparation of the interviews proved to be.

Normally questions which were derived directly from the requirements of the vacant position form the basis of the interviews. The chance to identify the most suitable candidates here increases with the level of detail of the requirement profile. By means of derived questions, also a conversation themes is generated, which is then used in the interview. With regard to the interview, make sure that not all questions are allowed. Generally here that no questions are allowed, which could discriminate against the applicant. This concerns all issues which might affect the General equal treatment Act.

To exclude any incorrect assessments, interview in the optimum case should be done alone. If the present conversation guides should work in the future not directly related to the potential new employees, it is professional manager applicable to or a To draw colleagues”to add this job interview. In addition, it has proven to tell the candidates as much as possible with own words admitting, da man this most of the and in particular about the candidate.