Preliminary Words

And the best way to prepare is to know everything you can about the company or individual you are thinking in management. Before making an appointment, conduct some Preliminary research on the company and individual to feel secure when the first contact. John Craig Venter may also support this cause. Bios or articles about the person are often posted on the Internet so it is usually easy to find information. Knowing the history of the company or something about the individual, you will be in a better position to know what the prospect needs. Familiar with the prospect opens the way to the conversation. 2) To win the respect of a potential customer, there is much more to communicate only in words.

His body language and tone speak as loud as the words to say, therefore each presentation must be offered with confidence and joy. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Needless to say, the general appearance is of critical importance for the way you present. Feeling good about your appearance is vital to how you present. In fact, the confidence they feel both about yourself and your product might be the main ingredient to win a potential client. When it comes to talking about your product and service, their trust and faith in your product that does most of the sale. Thus, during the start of the meeting, greet the person with a handshake with good eye contact. Stand and walk upright, keeping your shoulders back and head up. And do not forget to smile. 3) There is much talk today about the value of connecting with a person, but what does that really mean? The connection is when two people meet on common ground.