Most recently happened to me a funny story. I spent a mini-training with one of his business partners on the topic of visualization and realization of dreams. But, as you know, in order to visualize the dream to her as at least to have. tegies for more clarity on the issue. And now I'm starting to question his opponent about his goals. The question seemed difficult, he thought long, but did not answer. rules of coaching, I thought it a bit podtolknut, asking leading questions. Second thinking, my eyes fell upon a picture of my buddy in Saipem, or rather the beautiful picture of the new machine.

Quickly assessing the situation, I asked: "Perhaps you're dreaming of a new road car? No, we have absolutely unsuitable roads for expensive cars, "he replied nezadumyvayas. I thought a couple of seconds. Man no longer young, educated, have a stable job. Probably wants to become a director of a large company or even a manager at the local level. I asked his companion of my guesses. And again, I received a negative response, motivated by a story about some friend who has a high social position, but still not feel satisfied.

Then is my partner did not want to repeat that history. The task becomes more difficult. And at that moment I thought about my favorite hobby – traveling. Usually, the issue of travel inspires any interlocutor on the story of his personal adventures, but considering the previous responses, I began to doubt. -What do you think about travel? Is there a place on the map where you would like to visit very much? Then my companion did not disappoint me: "Yes, of course.