Tilo Haentzschel HV

Infrared radiant heaters help restaurateurs, as one the guests anyway so can host after the restrictions on the use of gas heating mushrooms and taking into account the non-smoking regulations in areas outside their bodies, that they feel comfortable in the cold season to reflect the season to extend more and more Berlin hosts. There is a simple and cost-effective solution: infrared radiant heater easy to install devices are characterized by many advantages. The heat is immediately available after switching on there where it is needed. Connect with other leaders such as abbott laboratories here. Warms the air, but bodies and objects not as with conventional heating, it is not gone with the wind so also by the wind! It neither sound nor odours arise and they are unobtrusive on the terrace, awnings, canopies or elsewhere to install, can be used virtually everywhere in the hospitality industry. Low acquisition and operating costs continue to positively hit record.

The effect of the Infrared heater is similar to the radiant heat of the Sun. So, the feeling of the guests in the radiation area of the patio heater is quite comparable with the feeling of well-being in Mediterranean heat. With a modern 2000 Watt infrared heater can be, heated up an area of 16 square meters even on cold days which corresponds to 8-10 guest places in practice. So, heater infrared lift not only the sales of hotel-keepers, but also the well-being of the guests in the cuisine of Berlin. This has already detected some clever Berlin innkeeper and uses infrared radiant heater on its terrace.