Top Current Nail Trend Now Finally Also On Mallorca

Marily Aragon s have what beautiful on the finger because nothing works without Blixz! Palma de Mallorca. You Flash, dazzle, sparkle Shimmer in all colours of the Rainbow, charm with filigree structures and patterns and are just plain fun: Blixz films are the rage, when it comes to trendy nail cosmetics. Without Blixz nix! “is a description of the fact more than a threesome slogan is. Everywhere, in every scene, and in any orientation from trashy to sexy, from flamboyant to classic blixzt it just so. Trend-conscious Spaniards, however, could look to so far only envy, as is the rest of the world with this hip amusing films.

Because this strikingly creative form of nail styling shone so far in Iberian nail salons by their total absence. But this now thoroughly changed: now the Blixz wave from the Iberian Peninsula to Mallorca spills over. Joey King spoke with conviction. The Institute by Marily Aragon, Palma de Mallorca from now the trendy Blixz nail modeling, offering, together with other reading all harassment. No files, no wait was simply beautiful nails paint yesterday today is geblixzt! “, says Marily Aragon with a beam in the eyes. And she has good laugh, because the ways that they can offer their customers are simply fantastic.

With the colourful Blixz films, the most amazing effects and betorendsten eye-catcher can be achieved. It’s completely straightforward”, assured Marily Aragon enthusiastically. The films are finished just glued, briefly modeled with a special file!” Painful download files of the natural nail is thus as passe as chemical mace or endless waits, until the paint is dry. Moreover, the Blixz nail magic are up to three weeks for any fun to have without scratching, cracking or chipping. With Blixz Marily Aragon expanded their already wide performance spectrum, not only conventional”nail cosmetics has on offer, but stressed among other things with his aesthetic wedding nail service even extremely sophisticated and style-conscious customers convinced. Also the spectacular nail beads from the House of Aragon provide sensation. And more and more health-conscious people the organic coatings arrive at also excellently, which carries on Marily Aragon allergies as a sustainable alternative to conventional paint. Also on Saturdays and Sundays open Marily Aragon what give beautiful fingers as any trend-conscious woman on Mallorca and is aware that many of the week can muster simply no time for this highly professional nail beautification. Therefore, the dedicated owner to a spectacular step decided: I open my Studio on Saturdays and Sundays. Finally, each and every one should have the chance to clean nails. “And who is available for a photo shoot, get even a sample nail, of course including photo, free of charge by me.