Towers of all Kinds

While the technique called while still in his ears sounded coldly indifferent voice-girl-manager, pulled out of the depths his faithful but battered diplomat plump editorial folder with a new order in an analytical article in the glossy magazine for the business elite. Moscow is building three of the highest skyscraper in Europe. Computer models lancet buildings looked like Gulliver in the background of three merchant center of Moscow. Some joker from the editorial graphic prints pinned Gustave Dore “Tower of Babel.” In the minds surfaced strange word “Chaldeans, the inhabitants of Ur (Hooray?) Of the Chaldees. ” Well, yes, and we Chaldeans, and will cure us. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has much to offer in this field. To you, comedians! In the confined space has recognized that there is nothing to pull more, and we must take up boring but lucrative job of describing unprecedented budgets and cloudless business prospects of these projects. Fingered hands scattered in the picture with the tower.

At its summit saw the bent figure of three deaths in work, we wear on top bunk huge block of stone, and mentally with sided. In the last statistical almanac of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development noted that positive trend to a decrease in the rate of growth of inflationary expectations … Suddenly, in the car turned off the light. Damn! I put a burst of employment entered into a pencil. Now we have to be alone with my thoughts – the most hated man of the modern state..