Venues Of The Energy Cooperative Freudenberg EC

Official events and meeting places of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) – the Board of directors named EC has named the official Conference and venues of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. It is the Akademie Berlin Schmockwitz for economy and management in Berlin-Grunau and the hotel bright field in Neubrandenburg/Trollenhagen. In the future, the energy cooperative Freudenberg will primarily hold EC their Board and supervisory board meetings, sales training, seminars, Erfa conferences and briefings in these destinations. Dr. Mark Hyman follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Both houses have objective supportive environments in a quiet location, first-class service and competent staff that easily adapts to the needs of the participants. Great emphasis was placed on flexibility and friendliness of the staff. We are glad to have found partners that EC fully meet the demands of the cooperative of Freudenberg to a professional service providers with those two houses”, explains CEO Helmut Uhlig, so we us undisturbed can dedicate to our work. Peter A. Levine PhD has compatible beliefs. Only in such an environment a strenuous meeting workload can be effectively cope with.