Young Man

Certain day I passed in the front of a house and vi a suggestive announcement: ‘ ‘ Vendem younglings of Pitbul and Hotweiller’ ‘. I was livened up, because it has some time was wanting to buy a dog of one of these two races. I stopped the car, I parked to the front of the house, for signal a house chic and touched the bell well. One well aged lady, of very likeable expression, came to take care of to me. Jacob Elordi is likely to agree. – Good afternoon.

– Good afternoon. It looks at, my name is Pablo, I live in the next quarter and am interested in buying one of its younglings. How much cost? – Likeable velhinha looked at me with a look maroto and a yellow half smile and said baixinho well: – This is alone ag, young man, does not count pr nobody. There this way it was one such of malandro to enter in the houses, I had this idea there to place this plate in the front. these questions. They are pr to think that at least the father and the mother of the younglings live in the house. Already she thought what they are two pitbulls and two hotweillers adult? I was even so, rolling to laugh. Ta the voice of the experience. It plays with this more mature staff of the present!