A Wellness vacation over Christmas recovery instead of stress. Kolobrzeg on the Polish Baltic coast is a Baltic Sea resort, which has the highest concentration of iodine in whole Poland. No wonder that many Germans spend a spa holiday here each year. But you can spend not only cures very well in Koobrzeg, also the spa services are exceptional and also very cheap. Here, there is an offer for those who like to travel over Christmas and want to be pampered with soothing spa treatments also.

The sand located in centrally located directly in the spa zone, and 150 metres from the Baltic Sea. The Koobrzeg Pier are only a five minute walk, and even the lighthouse or the old town can be reached in ten minutes. This unique hotel has very unusual architecture. The interiors are very modern designed and arranged, also there are many architectural designs, which make the hotel very extraordinary. The kitchen of the hotel sand is very impressive. Dining out to get here, there are Polish and also traditional and international cuisine. The rooms are of different size of 25 sqm up to 87 m about can be found. It is important in all rooms being equipped with absolute attention to detail.

The rooms are divided into different categories, therefore also the equipment varies. The travel price for this offer half-board including, with breakfast and dinner in buffet form at the disposal. “Christmas” tour package includes seven nights in a comfortable room, half-board, two festive breakfast on the first and second day of Christmas, the Christmas Eve is celebrated festively according to Polish tradition. Per working day, there are two spa treatments, there are fruit and cake, as well as mineral water. On the first day of Christmas, there is a jazz Christmas concert. Coffee and cake are served in the afternoon. If you like, can be heard also a lecture about the history of the spa town of Kolberg. If a person is not going to guarantee you success in bed. cialis cheap The conversion of testosterone to DHT occurs with assistance from a doctor who can guide them properly to a better doctor check out address now buy cialis levitra for treating the disorder within you. The current trends towards addressing the sex problems have gained prominence with people coming levitra prescription thought about that out openly to discuss their sex-related issues or conditions with their physicians. It’s a comparatively unknown ingredient which is used in many medicines suggested for treating male impotence- including its banded form. cialis buy At the last supper, there are still a little souvenir. During their stay, pool, sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi outside the treatment times can be used indefinitely. A highlight of the hotel is clearly the SPA & wellness area. He is over 600 square metres and represents the heart of the hotel. In addition to the swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, there is here a steam bath, cardio fitness and an ice fountain. The SPA & wellness area offers extensive massage. Also exotic variants are carried by masseuses from Thailand. Massages are offered spa treatments but also to various beauty treatments. The sand hotel has many programs in the field of aesthetic beauty treatments on offer. Ofcourse only qualified personnel available. Cosmetics of prestigious companies, as well as professional equipment used here. Also permanent make-up and hairdressing salon services are offered here. Relaxation and wellness at Christmas, the sand hotel is the right place for this. This trip, the held by the 19.12.09 until the 26.12.09 online can be booked under ../polen-hotel-sand-weihnachten/. Telephone information on all issues relating to this trip is like a qualified travel team. Since the year 2007 spas and wellness offers the K & W Reisen GmbH focus on Poland, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic with the. Also travel all over the world is there in the program. Trips can be booked in the online travel portal or call a freephone number. Lena Wolf

Wellness Hotel

In the new swimming pool of the hotel odhof impressed a fossil treasure the sport – and wellness hotel odhof in Bobrach in the Bavarian Forest in his swimming pool recently with an exceptional attraction is in the Centre of the spa a Museal Petrify with a diameter of 1.40 meters attracts everyone’s attention. It is a so-called fossil battlefield”ammonites and Belemnites, extinct species of squid. These cephalopods petrified into marble lived about 360 million years ago in the age of the upper Devonian. The precious piece in Morocco, in the former Tetismeerboden was found. It then found the way to Bavaria, where it now hangs in the swimming pool on a stone wall and is illuminated by an energy-saving LED lights. “A spokesman for the hotel said: we hope that our guests feel this attraction as equally great and impressive as we are.” The museum piece was suspended in the wake of a comprehensive renovation of the swimming pool. New Windows, tiles and radiators provide here a harmonious Interaction, appropriately supplemented with new beds, chairs and tables.

The exhibit of marble fits in well with the philosophy of the House, where it is based on values such as nature and the environment. After the sport – und Wellnesshotel, it should be a natural or organic hotel. In addition, the fossil battlefield is a tribute to the native Bavarian Forest, which itself contains numerous minerals and fossil treasures. cialis 10mg However, the distinction lies in the fact that a spammer will sell your email address and any other information you submitted to them to hundreds of other companies who are looking for leads or mailing lists. Excretory System: Guduchi strengthens the urinary system and increases the resistance of inner layers of bladder and cialis samples urethra to fight repeated urinary tract infections. It works to raise a woman’s feelings comprim√© vardenafil of sexuality and arousal, which helps boost her confidence and sexual energy. DHEA is one among the best cures suggested to improve order cheap viagra the level of testosterone in body. The environmental philosophy of the House shows on offer for guests. In terms of a the authentic, nature-oriented treatment concepts in Ayurveda focuses on health and wellness and Thalasso, a specialty in the odhof is the Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics. Bavarian Forest, with views of the river black rain is close to the forest in the heart of the natural region”the odhof.

Approximately 10,000 square feet of on-site green surround the plant, far away from the noise of the streets. Yet there are only ten minutes walk from the resort of Bobrach and five kilometres up to the famous resort of Bodenmais and the Grosser Arber. Who takes the route after Bobrach, found in the odhof a personally managed House, opened his individual freedom of each guest. An ideal point of escape, for the soul to relax new force to refuel and this in perfect harmony with nature. More information: sport – and wellness hotel odhof, od 5, 94255 Bobrach, Tel. 09923 84130, fax 09923 841333,

Bodenmais Wellness Tester Back

After the outstanding success the previous year BODENMAIS is this year the \”feel-good\”factor being tested last year Bodenmais has searched 5000 wellness Tester and rapidly found. After the outstanding success in the previous year it was clear early that there will be such an action again in 2010. Now it has finally come: Bodenmais wellness Tester back 5000 searches! This year, the action on the basis of a new questionnaire will clarify on how high is the \”feel good\”factor in the venue and accommodation. From 111 euro there is the wellness and Active holiday with complete program and five nights – in the last year, there were only four nights. The complete cable package of this \”folk wellness holiday\” has a total of over 230 euro – only test travellers can reserve it for the introductory price of 111 euro! The only condition for the savings of 120 Euro: the tester invested just 10 minutes of his time and fills out the questionnaire addressed. The action 2009 with only four nights the 5000 seats were awarded within a very short time and the Bodenmais tourism & Marketing GmbH (short: BTM) has seats added in the short term there even 2000.

This year, it is not planned, because 5000 tester are definitely sufficient for a representative poll results. Your list won’t always be thirsty, but you can keep their interest by raising curiosity in tadalafil cheap online the same way. It increases the supply of blood to the female gender and it has no qualities of a sexual stimulant claimed to be effective for woman. purchase cheap levitra has been examined and was considered to be hazardous in many ways. Besides, it is india cheapest tadalafil known to give the quick result it holds with it. It is added to FitOFat capsules best price on levitra mainly due to the fact that it can promote gain in muscle mass. Therefore, the offer is valid only until seats are available. The possibilities of wellness facilities have evolved even further in Bodenmais. \”We have our guests get a great feedback last year and learned a lot as a result. Now we want to see if and where we have improved\”, says Andreas Lambeck, the Managing Director of BTM. Six days/five nights the tester in a WellSportAktiv pension or, for a small fee, in a 3-star BTM-select holiday hotel spend including breakfast. All rooms are comfortably equipped with bath or shower and WC, and satellite TV.