Pain Therapy

One of the principal directions therapy – the elimination of pain. Analgesic effect have the various instruments. It is best to eliminate the pain of dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS), low frequency (DEET) and kraynevysokochastotnoe electromagnetic fields bioresonance therapy (Biomedis). There are devices that combine the effects of strong painkillers factors. This RIKTA-ESMIL-2 – the device electro-light-magneto-infrared laser therapy (five medical factors), and Radamir Aquarius – Apparatus ehf, information – the wave (ICT) and millimeter therapy (MM). Pain system is designed so that pain impulses carried by nerve fibers from the receivers of external information – receptors that located in the skin and internal organs to the spinal cord and then – in the cerebral cortex. Receptors for individual points and body parts (zones) are connected with the work of certain organs (the biologically active, or acupuncture, the points and zone). Proved that the therapeutic effect on the system as a whole or some of its units (levels) much more efficiently than the effect on one, even very important, area.

Therefore, procedures should be directed at the place localization of pain (eg, shoulder joint), and the head area, and the reflex zones and acupressure points. So when the pain in his shoulder acts directly on the shoulder and neck – collar region and head, with pain in feet – to the affected area, lower back, the biologically active points and zones on the head area. As much as these problems occur, there are many institutes that forge the certification as well, but then the numbers are online prescription viagra without very few, so the risk factor is less. A good source of potassium, vitamin B6, B3, dietary fiber and folate and contains the online order for viagra largest amount of digestive enzymes compared to papayas and mangoes. There are several physical and canadian viagra professional psychological causes are the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Kids in this age bunch tend to passage much better in gathering settings and private treatment, particularly when more proper treatments are cheap viagra 25mg utilized. Devices kraynevysokochastotnoy (EHF), laser, magneto-infrared laser therapy (MILTA), thermotherapy, ultrasound, darsonvali, magnetic field, dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS) can be applied directly to the zone of pain. Note: thermotherapy, and ultrasound for aching joints used only when there is no swelling of the joints. If pain is severe, the local impact on the affected limb is better not to hold, as is worsening. In these cases affect only the area of the head, spinal cord, the reflex zones.

Apply treatment magnetic field, magnetic – infrared – laser, dens – therapy, light rays in conjunction with the magnetic field of ehf. Strong analgesic effect has a low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (devices DETA), including those exposed to the head area (program Antibol “,” Headache “). Magneto – and magnetic treatment is carried out on the forehead, neck or through the foramen magnum (back at the base of the skull, on the border with first vertebra). White light and light in combination with the magnetic field affected by the visual analyzer (the patient looks at the light from the device). Home physiotherapy techniques are simple, are described in detail instruction to the device and are constantly improving.