Essential Vitamins

2. Douches. 3. Scrub to exfoliate the top layer of skin, helping it smoothing. Creator of 'system -60', for example, recommends a homemade coffee scrub, which activates the metabolism and has an additional anti-cellulite action. Endless variations of coffee scrub set: from cooked or fresh coffee, with the addition of gel for washing, sour cream or cream, someone adds a scrub essential oils (but about them below).

There are a recipe for a scrub, consisting of sugar, salt and oil (any) in the ratio 2:2:1. 4. Mummies has proven wound healing effect, reducing the period of regeneration is approximately 1.5 times and accelerating epithelization. As a result, stretch marks become less noticeable. 1 capsule or tablet mummy (tablet better pre- crushed) mixed with a little cream and leave for 30-40 minutes. And then spread cream all ready damaged areas.

Better to cook mixture for 1-2 days (stored in the refrigerator). 5. Essential oils. Immediately write mini-warning: essential oils – is a biologically active compounds, and even one drop of oil can cause severe reactions. About the fact that oil for the treatment needs real, I think the writing is not necessary. During pregnancy and lactation, still, the use of essential oils is not recommended, especially if you have previously clashed with them. Before using the better to make a small amount of mixture and put on a small patch of skin. When braces are used mixed with essential oils of rosemary, petitgreyna or mandarin. In essential oil of rosemary is a contraindication: hypertension, so this scenario, it can be replaced petitgreyn or Mandarin. Essential oil dissolved in the base. To one teaspoon of base oil 3-10 drops of essential oil. This reduces the lumen generic cialis no prescription of the blood vessels, thereby affecting the professional life as well. Most people choose to ignore generic cialis no prescription the harmful effects of stress. Even improper diet can also cause sexual dysfunction as per statistics, almost every man faces it in the absence of fatty or oily food. * Minimal side effects such as constipation, hot tadalafil pharmacy flashes, dizziness and nausea. discount cialis prescriptions Relieve High Blood Pressure: Studies have shown that regular intake of this herbal supplement improves secretion of HGH and supplements your body with important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. As the base, you can use jojoba oil, olive, almond. Here are the options of recipes: 5. 1. take a teaspoon of almond oil, drop at 8 drops of essential oil of rosemary. Rub daily until stretch marks are not held. 5. 2. take one tablespoon of almond oil, jojoba or wheat germ oil with 3 drops petitgreyna or neroli. Apply the same way. 5. 3. take body lotion (150 ml) almond oil (100 ml) and essential oil of rosemary. Every day from morning to put on the stretch a mixture of one teaspoon of bases and 10 drops of rosemary oil. The basis used either milk or almond oil: one day an alternate basis, the next another. 6. The use of base oils. Olive oil, wheat germ oil and almond oil in its pure form, or a mixture of daily applied to the skin. That's a good recipe for butter mixture in Vitamins: Take half a cup of aloe juice, 0,5 half a cup of olive oil, 10 drops vitamin E oil 5 drops vitamin A. All the mix and put in holodilnik.Nanosit morning and evening. 7. Do not forget about vitamins and minerals inside. Fat-soluble vitamins A and E, olive and sunflower oil to help restore the elasticity and appearance of the skin important not to forget that the effect is only with regular use. And best of all combined several treatment options to ensure you, such as scrub, massage, douches, and drawing oil.